(Japan) NOK Seals

(Japan) NOK

NOK Group

Many of the Group’s products are used in automotive products, and it is committed to developing new products, new technologies and realizing a low-carbon society. It has excellent low friction technology and is regarded as a high-performance brand; modeling design technology, material design technology, grease technology, surface function design technology, flexible substrate technology and the use of multi-layer flexible circuit boards.

The types of rubber/resin materials are divided into: rubber materials and resin materials. And all products of the standardization trend of seals have reached the international standard trend.

NOK’s core technology products

Active in general industrial equipment, sealing and lubrication product line; featuring outstanding durability, assembly, and high maintenance; key products include: carbon nanotube-added elliptical rings, rotary/swing rod seals, SP-treated O-rings , oil seal and sealing ring.

Item No. : (Japan) NOK
Product Name : (Japan) NOK main products – O-rings, Hydraulic Seals, Packings, Accumulators, Iron Rubber Bands, etc.
Product Description : NOK produces high-quality products to support different industrial fields :

Automotive Industrial Equipment
General Industrial Equipment
Information Electronic Equipment
Office Automation Equipment

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