Our seals are properly packaged and stored to avoid dust or foreign objects in contact with debris, boxes cannot be placed in ozone-rich areas, direct light exposure must also be avoided; boxes are kept well closed and stored in a dark room with a low room temperature less than 30°C, and avoid direct exposure to parts in stock, because they are a standard rubber product. Welcome to inquire about the price and purchase.

Different Kinds of Seals

Including skeleton oil seals, TPU oil seals, V-type oil seals, felt oil seals, and cassette oil seals, which can prevent the leakage of oil, water or chemical liquid, and avoid the intrusion of dust, soil and sand from the outside.

Hydraulic seals

We provide the most powerful brands in the distribution of hydraulic equipment repair parts, with good after-sales service, with rich inventory, better quality replacement parts, and more flexible production lines to meet the needs of different customers.

High performance rubber / fluoro rubber / plus endurance oil seal (Viton/ FKM/ FKM Viton)

They retain their flexibility, abrasion, water, heat, chemical resistance, longevity, durability, better shape and sealing even when exposed to chemicals and high temperatures. Ideal for: ​Industrial machinery, oil and gas exploration, consumer electronics, chemical processing, automotive and aerospace.