(Holland) ERIKS Hydraulic Seals & Packings

(Holland) ERIKS

ERIKS Hydraulic Seals & Packings

Rubber materials for sealing applications, consisting of polymers, crosslinking systems, fillers and other components

Depending on the application of the product, the materials used are divided into standard (general purpose), specialty (industry or specific application) and high performance grades.

Among them, Viton ® is widely used to resist chemical and ozone attack. Main applications: chemical processing, gas distribution, food and beverage and general purpose

Item No. : (Holland) ERIKS
Product Name : (Holland) ERIKS Hydraulic Seals & Packings
Product Description :

ERIKS has its origins in the dairy industry.

Today, services are provided to businesses and organizations in the following sectors: Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Refineries, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition, Biotechnology, Engineering, Semiconductors (Electrical Engineering), Power, Shipbuilding, Utilities, Road and Air Transport and Basic industries.

ERIKS main products: rotary shaft seals, box seals, end covers, fabric oil seals and covers, lip seals, oil seals, shaft repair sleeves, V-type seals and Alpha seals.

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