(UK) DLI Packing Seals

(UK) DLI Packing Seals

DLI seals

One of the famous seal manufacturers in Europe

Main Products: One-way Piston Seal, Two-way Piston Seal

PTFE material seals are weather-resistant and fire-resistant, and are widely used in low-friction seal environments, effectively reducing compression creep of materials, improving linear stability and wear resistance under load

Item No. : (UK) DLI
Product Name : (UK) DLI Packing Seals
Product Description :

DLI Seals Ltd is suppliers to the UK Construction, Earth Moving, Petro-Chemical and Transportation industries. The Company is also a major exporter to over 25 countries in the continents of America, Australia, Europe, Asia, and is supported by specialist distributors in many of them.

Working from the raw materials of rubber, coated fabric and plastics, DLI Seals has developed an off-the-shelf range of products in a broad band of profiles and dimensions.

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