(Italy) ats Hydraulic seals

(Italy) ATS

Oil seal product series

Meets UNI EN ISO 9001 standard
Highly specialized production line
Provide a wide range of product choices to meet every need and provide different solutions.

Some of these solutions are today at the base of the success of particularly demanding applications, realized ad-hoc and working all over the world. The products are able to constantly face sub-zero temperatures, to compete in the highest automotive and motorcycle formulas, to fly in the skies, to dig foundations, to roll steel coils, to perfectly dose microscopic drops of medical products, to lay cables on the ocean floor, or drill the seabed from a platform.

Specially designed parts in different materials:
Plastics, low-friction thermoplastics or heavy-duty composites, even without lubrication

  • Hydraulics & Pneumatic
  • Hydraulics of Movement
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial
  • Steel Industry
  • Food & Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Marine
Item No. : (Italy) ats Hydraulic seals
Product Name : (Italy) ats Hydraulic seals
Product Description : Rod Seals, Piston Seals, Guide Rings, Scrapers and Wipers, Rotary Seals, Static Seals

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