(Germany) SIMRIT-CFW-MERKEL Hydraulic Seals


Simrit seals can be broadly classified into:

Skeleton oil seals and rotary seals, hydraulic seals, radial and axial seals, O-rings, static seals and special seal products

All kinds of seals and damping components products with Simrit or MERKEL as registered trademarks.
They are marked with Simrit (oil seal), CFW (oil seal) and Merkel (seal) marks on the corresponding products.

Sealing products are suitable for various industries: such as heavy industry, household and industrial use, etc.

Item No. : (Germany) SIMRIT-CFW-MERKEL
Product Name : (Germany) SIMRIT-CFW-MERKEL Hydraulic Seals
Product Description : Wipers, Rod Seals, Piston Seals, Simmerrings, Radial Shaft Seals, Cassette Seals, Radial Seals, Chevron Seals, Static Seals, Guide Rings

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