(Holland) BEGA Bearing Induction Heater

Holland BEGA Bearing Induction Heater

Holland BEGA Bearing Induction Heaters

With over 40 years of experience in drive technology maintenance tools, specializing in bearings and drive components (e.g. gears, couplings, bushings, etc.), Bega Special Tools is manufacturer of a large range BETEX® Induction heaters. Our standard ( low-frequency )  induction heaters are certified for the Canadian and US market.

To achieve a maximum bearing lifecycle it is necessary to use correct mounting tools and methods; that machines are aligned properly; that correct lubrication is performed. It is common knowledge that a correct mounting method extends the bearing life. Controlled stress-free heating  with induction heaters prevents unnecessary damage, while retaining the original bearing lubrication.

Item No. : (Holland) BEGA Bearing Induction Heater
Product Name : Holland BEGA Bearing Induction Heater
Product Description : Bearing induction heaters are not only suitable for general bearing maintenance, but can also be widely used in different industries.

For example, the automobile manufacturing industry, machinery manufacturing industry, energy industry, etc. In which to require a large number of bearings, and bearing induction heaters can improve the efficiency of bearing installation and disassembly, reduce working time and labor costs.

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