ISC Bearings & NMB Bearings

ISC Bearings & NMB Bearings

ISC Bearings

ISC Micro Ball Bearings was established in 1949 and manufactured by NSK Micro Precision Co. Ltd. Miniature ball bearings have become an indispensable part in rotating elements of various instruments and machines. ISC manufactures hundreds of miniature bearings, including special types, from very small bearings with an inner diameter of 1.0mm and an outer diameter of 3.0mm to bearings with an outer diameter of approximately 20mm.

NMB Bearings

Founded in 1968, NMB (part of Minebea Mitsumi INC) is the world’s leading manufacturer of miniature and small bore ball bearings with an outer diameter of 22mm and a global market share of over 60%. NMB has manufacturing plants around the world and provides quality products that meet the highest standards. NMB is also the world’s largest manufacturer of miniature ball bearings and a leader in the design and manufacture of keyboards, cooling fans, audio speakers, precision motors and mechanical components. The company’s miniature bearings are useful in both the aerospace industry and medical equipment due to their reliance on high-precision motors.

Item No. : ISC & NMB
Product Name : ISC & NMB Miniature Bearings
Product Description : Precision bearings, inch Ball bearings, Metric ball bearings, Precision mechanical bearing components, Turbocharger bearings, Dental bearings

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