(Japan) TSUBAKI & (Germany) STIEBER Cam Clutches

(Japan) TSUBAKI & (Germany) STIEBER Cam Clutches

Japan TSUBAKI bearing

It can be directly installed on the shaft without inner ring, filled with grease. It is the most widely used, with various product structures, wide adaptability, and easy installation. It is mainly used in: industrial equipment, mechanical hardware industry, unique index, Positioning function, super running speed function and super running speed function A backstop Cam Clutch is used to prevent the rotating shaft from being driven in the reverse direction. The Cam Clutch will continue overrunning while the shaft rotates and engages to prevent reverse shaft rotation.

Germany STIEBER bearing

Stieber is world-wide the manufacturer with the longest experience in the one way clutch technology, both roller-ramp and sprag types, is a kind of bearing (one-way clutch) that can only drive in one direction, general category, one-way bearing brand with the most complete sizes, suitable for various industrial purposes, engineering institutions , power generation equipment, etc.

Item No. : (Japan) TSUBAKI & (Germany) STIEBER
Product Name : (Japan) TSUBAKI & (Germany) STIEBER Cam Clutches
Product Description : (Japan) TSUBAKI & (Germany) STIEBER Cam Clutches

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