(USA) LEGO 68 Hydraulic Oil & 15W40CI-4 Engine Oil


LEGO 68 Hydraulic Oil & 15W40CI-4 Engine Oil

LEGO 68 pump oil is one of the multi-purpose lubricating oils. The multi-purpose lubricating oil can provide bearings, hydraulic pressure, guide rails, gears, pulleys, chains, etc., provide high-quality lubrication and protection, and can achieve the lowest possible base pressure and provide as long as possible Lubricity and wear resistance required for long pump life.

15W40CI-4 engine oil is a lubricating oil used in internal combustion engines. Machines of different types and performances require different viscosity oils. The viscosity index of single-grade engine oil is usually about 85~105. Multi-grade engine oil is usually used in environments with large temperature changes. , The viscosity index of multi-grade engine oil is usually higher than 120.

Item No. : (USA) LEGO
Product Name : (USA) LEGO 68 Hydraulic Oil & 15W40CI-4 Engine Oil
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