WD-40 MULTI-USE Lubricants

美國 WD-40 多用途潤滑油

WD-40 MULTI-USE Lubricants

The products deliver exceptional performance and excellent value, using WD-40 lubricant products to extend the life of tools and equipment, to save natural resources and reduce the accumulation of solid waste.

– Car Maintenance, Motorbike Maintenance,
Bike Maintenance, Home Maintenance, and Industrial Use

– Lubrication and reduction of mechanical noise
– Protect the metal surface from moisture and corrosion
– Cleans grease, dirt, adhesive and glue stains
– Lubricate the surface of different types of parts to ensure that the parts move freely
– Moisture-displacing design eliminates moisture-induced short circuits
– Advanced design lets you quickly free stuck, frozen, or rusted metal parts

產品型號 : WD-40 MULTI-USE Lubricants
產品名稱 : WD-40 MULTI-USE Lubricants
產品描述 :

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