(Japan) NTN, FYH, ASAHI Pillow Block

ASAHI Pillow Block

Where there is a bearing, there must be a support point, and the bearing pillow block has a very high sealing effect; the inner support point of the bearing is the shaft, and the outer support is the bearing pillow block, which accepts comprehensive loads. The larger the external dimension, the higher the bearing capacity. The housing prevent the ingress of contaminants in extreme environmental conditions and, with excellent maintenance, can increase the service life of the bearings.

Japan FYH Pillow Block
Continuing to develop long-life bearings and rolling bearings with pillow blocks, Japan FYH bearing is a professional rolling bearing housing manufacturer in the world industrial development. It produces nearly 700 types of standard spherical bearings and 300 types of global standard steel bearing pillow blocks.

Japan ASAHI Pillow Block
Develop long-life bearings. Japan ASAHI is a professional and excellent manufacturer of block bearings. It mainly produces block bearings, universal bearings, pneumatic clutches/brakes and various handling systems, all of which are recognized and trusted in the world.

Item No. : 日本(Japan) NTN, FYH and ASAHI
Product Name : (Japan) NTN, FYH and ASAHI Pillow Block
Product Description : BEAREE (plastic materials), BEARPHITE (sintered metal), BEARPHITE (sintered metal) – “Hydrodynamic BEARPHITE” using fluid, NIKAMET (magnetic materials)

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