(Japan) THK, EASE & (Germany) STAR Linear Bearings

(Japan) THK, EASE & (Germany) STAR Linear Bearings

THK, EASE & (Germany) STAR Linear Bearings

“THK” stands for “Toughness” “High Quality” “Know-how”

THK is used in daily life, houses and buildings, medical and nursing care, vehicles, entertainment, science, industry and other manufacturing industries.

The main production lines are in compliance with the product list of the EU RoHS Directive (the 10 hazardous substances restricted in Directive 2015/863/EU) except for special specification products and optional parts, excluding electronic components.

Japan EASE

EASE stand for: Enduring, Accurate, Stable, Economical

EASE manufacture slide bearings, special bearings and associated precision parts, using state-of-the-art equipment and taking full advantage of the broad-spectrum production expertise they have acquired since our founding. Their products are widely reputed as being top quality and economical.

EASE’s proprietary technology, high-quality rolling bearings,
The cold Press forming has enabled lightweight structure of the bearing. This eventually provides compact and lightweight machine design.
The EASE linear ball bearing with steel retainer is resistant against high temperature and applicable up to 150°C when it is without seals.

German STAR linear bearing

Products are widely used: robots, pneumatic machines, medical equipment, woodworking industry and automobile manufacturing setup, etc.

Feature by small size, reduced distance between radial gaps, all available designs are with the highest load capacity.

Item No. : (Japan) THK, EASE & (Germany) STAR
Product Name : (Japan) THK, EASE & (Germany) STAR Linear Bearings
Product Description :

In the rail market, rail bearings are one of the key components. Its role is not only to support and stabilize the track, but also to provide power and flexibility to the track system.

In this field, Japan’s THK, EASE and Germany’s STAR bearings have gained global attention for their excellent technology, excellent quality and continuous innovation spirit respectively.

Its products have been used in various industries, such as automatic vehicles, logistics machinery, aerospace, production and processing, etc. They focus on product quality control, and all production tracks pass strict quality inspections.

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